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administrator but also from the mayor and it's our goal to make sure all san franciscoans are safe and sheltered in place after a multi seismic event. >> commissioner ?oo ?a i'm so glad you guys are this far along, that's really great. i had a couple questions. >> sure. >> is that work plan available online? >> absolutely, it's under the city administrator's work site. right now it's a very simple work site, right now the only thing there is this and the report. >> in pdf >> yes. >> one of the things we learned after katrina, unfortunately, is that natural disasters affect poor people in a much more acute way because they don't have the resources to deal with this kind of stuff. i'm wondering as you are launching this effort what specifically your department's working, you know, how your collaboratively involving nonprofit organizations and organizations that serve the poor, both the housing side for the nonprofit lending, but also just facilities. have you done work with the mayor's office of community development and housing or how is that working out? >> sure. i can talk to a couple of th
, aren't we? we san franciscoans feel entitled to good coffee and permanent happiness. [ applause ] >> i agree with the coffee. but happiness? it is over rated. there is something... there is nothing wrong with struggle, and some pain. if nothing hurts we are dead. all of this wining about the state of the world is so annoying. the world may not be good, but it is certainly better than it was before. this is why i am hopeful never before has humanity had so many resources, knowledge, power, and information. it has never been so interconnected, we are stronger and smarter and we lived longer than our grand parents. it can certainly destroy the planet but probably we will not. we will improve it. because that is what we have been doing since the stone age. we are moving forward and hear in california, we are always a step ahead of everybody else. [ applause ] >> so these are my hopes for the next few months. that we can all have meaningful life. and that we can be close to each other, and participate in our communities, and serve and volunteer. caring for others is cheaper than therapy, it
demographic, this group of san franciscoans. i feel like i owe everyone who came and spoke just an opportunity to walk in their shoes and to really be able to empathize with some of the frustrating living circumstances that people are going through. so i would appreciate if i could have a little bit more time. i'd like to make a motion to move that this be, that this item be moved to the call of the chair. >> there's a motion let's continue the discussion. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. chairman, thanks everyone who came out today. i was actually, and i made this comment at the beginning before public comment, that i was just surprised that the rent board is not here. i know one commissioner came and gave public testimony but when we're talking about doing legislation to create a new hearing and noticing mechanism for the rent board i would want to know that the rent board has -- and one person referred to the rent board considering harassment, i'm sure the rent board has considered harassment, but the question is whether the rent board has considered and commented on th
effort to hire san franciscoans. today we celebrate not just a flag ship store but a store that has made corporate responsibility at the helm of their friend. there is over 500 people that they have already hired in this store. that is a fabulous contribution. they have worked that magic with our office of economic development, having spent weeks to train people who may not have gotten this opportunity. but for their out reach in this store, and then, they created a buzz and excitement in our city. i know that people will not only appreciate the fabulous fashions here, that you just look at these prices, for the kind of quality that they have. and i know that we have smart shoppers like supervisor kim who will be here in a minute and others who look for that casmere brand and also are very affected by the price sensitivity of the quality store. and then i want to just give a shout out. there are people so excited here in san francisco for this store to open. paul english from the richmond area of san francisco was here at 5:00 a.m. and i have to give a shout out to her. she and her frien
a native san franciscoan and i think that the last power that the police have the better. very unamerican to give police power in this country. very unamerican and i am disgusted to know that you people want to give these cops tasers, it is ridiculous. >> the next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, supervisors david elliott lewis, i am a member and a secretary of our city's mental health board. our board in november passed a resolution, against giving a taser to cit police. and now i have personally... we have a police officer who is a member of our board and i have spoken to her and other officers and i have heard their argument and one of their arguments is that tasers gives them an additional tool, a tool that is safe, i mean, why should they just have a firearm, why not have a tool that could possibly save lives and those are examples of confrontations where tasers with save lives and i think that tasers can save lives in the right situation, that that was not why our board passed a resolution against it and that is not why i am concerned about *. i am concerned about it because they
that it's in san francisco. we have visitors who will say, i never knew this was here and i'm a native san franciscoan. they wonder how long it's been here. when i tell them next year we'll get to celebrate the 80th we'll get to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the park, [train whistle blowing] global warming. [whistle blows] some say irreversible consequences are 30 years away. 30 years? that won't affect me. [brakes screech] ♪ >> our concern is they are going to be here for a couple of days and everybody is going to have a great time. and we have three days of them and 362 days of everybody else using the park. ♪ ♪ >> this is the fifth year of our partnership with another planet entertainment, where another planet puts on probably the greatest music festival in america for three days here in golden gate park. >> we work with them a lot to prevent and not have any problems. and what we have done with them is have roads built and have pieces under whatever equipment is parked. they do all of that. and then when it gets removed, they have very little damage. >> for me as a gardener a
. steen >> thank you very much, supervisors. my name is matthew steen, i'm a native san franciscoan, growing up in the mission district. currently reside in the lower half of the octavia plan boundaries, i have lived there since 2009, i have lived of course many other places in san francisco, as many of us have. my previous experience with direct planning issues, land use issues, occurred while i was living in santa barbara for 20 years. i went, i left san francisco and went to santa barbara, went to university there. subsequently i was hired, actually was elected to a local public office and subsequently hired as the executive director of the alto vista community house which is a board appointment as well. while with the community council, municipal advisory council, our planning director left and i was assigned planning dregtor responsibilities for about a year and a half before i moved on to another job working in antipoverty, working with antipoverty organizations with community action programs. while with my duties as an active planning dregtor were quite sudden, i will alr
, owners have received tenants about second hand smoke. most residents throughout san francisco want a smoke free healthy lifestyle here in san francisco which will lead to better public health for all san franciscoans so we encourage that you support this mer err and we support and appreciate your support, supervisor mar and supervisor campos, on this policy. >> thank you, mr. moor, thank you. each member of the public will be allotted the same number of minutes to speak, except that public speakers using translation assistance will be allowed to testify for twice the amount of the public testimony time limit. if simultaneous translation services are used, speakers will be governed by the public supreme supreme. >> if there's anyone else who would like to speak? >> my name is stefan white, i'm a tenant at 922 post street. i understand as the law now is landlords can ban smoking in common areas of the building like the lobby but they are not allowed it ban it in apartments. when you have smoking in some apartments it drifts unquestionably it drifts into the apartments of those who
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 71 (some duplicates have been removed)